Generally speaking, the scooter ramps are specially used to enter or exit of the home easily without taking an effort. Not only the home but also you can use it anywhere you want to go.

Normally, the scooter ramps are designed for portability why because some of you may go to a friends home or some other places. At that time, you may face many issues if the scooter ramps are not available with you.

For that reason, the manufacturers have designed the scooter ramps as portable. It is lightweight in design so it supports mobility. However, read the below portion of this article to learn more about the ultimate guide of the scooter ramps.

What to Consider Before You Start Looking?

Are you a scooter user? Do you want to buy the quality of the scooter ramps? If yes, then you should consider some factor to buy it. Such factors are as following under,

  • The material of the ramps:

First and foremost things to consider for buying the scooter ramps are material. Actually, the scooter ramps are built using the different types of materials some of them are aluminum, steel, wood as well as rubber.

All the materials provide the better performance and high stability to you. So, based on the location you can choose whatever material of the scooter ramps you want.

  • Weight:

Normally, the weight of the scooter ramps is completely based on the material as well as the size of the ramp. The weight is not constant. It will be varied so before going to buy the best scooter ramps for you check whether the weight of the ramps supports mobility or not.

  • The length and the surface:

Yes, the length is the most important consideration for buying the scooter ramps when comparing to the other. Normally, the length will be determined based on the incline angle of the ramp. Better to choose the perfect length to get ultra-comfort.

In addition, you should concentrate on the surface of the ramps. If you are choosing the non-skid surface, then you will get the better stability and also it helps to prevent you from slipping.

Types of Scooter Ramps

When it comes to the type of the scooter ramps are commonly divided into 3 types, such as follows,

Threshold ramps:

Most of the people prefer to use this type of the ramp only why because it is perfectly fit into any of the floor surfaces. Mostly, it is made using the aluminum and rubber so it is high in stability.

Suitcase ramps:

Normally, the suitcase ramps are suitable for portability.  It is low in cost and also it comes with the folded type so you can carry it easily anywhere you want.

Solid ramps:

If you want to buy the heavy duty of the scooter ramps, then this solid type of the ramps are best for you. It is made using the single piece of the material so it safe for you.

Sizing Guide:

As I said before, the size is one of the essential things for buying the scooter ramps. Don’t you know how to find the best size of the scooter ramps? If so, then don’t worry. At first, you should take some measurements to define the length of the ramp such as vertical rise, width, and the highest point.

Actually, you can use the 3:12 slope if you are not sitting on the scooter otherwise you can use the 2:12 slope. The people those who are using the scooter ramp for commercial use they can use the 1:12 slope. But, this is not for residential use.

Top 4 Scooter Ramps

If you don’t know how to choose the best quality of the scooter ramp, then read the following points. Here, we see the most popular as well as top branded quality of the scooter ramps.

Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set

Commonly, this Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set is the top first quality brand scooter ramp in the open market. It comes with the standard size so it is easy for transportable and also you can store it safely in your home. Furthermore, this ramp is cost-effective so it is one of the best products for your daily use.

Features of the Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set:

The smart features are as explained below,

  • Easy assembly:

Actually, this ramp is a connector type which means it is split into 2 parts. So, you just connect the 2 parts into single while you use it. Moreover, the assembling of this ramp does not take much time.

  • Stability:

To get more stability, the designers have used the textured pattern on the surface of the ramp. It helps to protect you from the frequent slipping.


  • It is easy for mobility.


  • It does not suitable for small age children.


However, purchase the high performance of this scooter ramps and enjoy the low price.

Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp

Are you looking the best portable type of the scooter ramp? If so, then purchase this Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp through the online why because it is light enough. So, you can lift it easily as well as carry it anywhere you want. Additionally, it comes with the textured pattern on the body so it provides high stability to use.

Features of the Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp:

The famous product of this ramp offers the several attractive features to you. Some good features are as listed below,

  • Durable construction:

This ramp is perfectly manufactured based on the customer requirement so it offers the ultra-comfort to use.  Moreover, it is made using the polymer material so lasts for a longer period.

  • Easy to handle:

The material is soft to touch so it is easy for the handle and also it is black in color so it offers the classic look to use. Furthermore, the perfect size of the ramp will suitable for all outdoor use.


  • It can able to hold up to 125 pounds easily.


  • The warranty period is less.


Surprisingly! The company provides this ramp at the lowest rate in the market so grab this great opportunity today.

Kryptonics Micro Pyramid Ramp

Generally, this is one of the excellent designs of the ramp in the marketplace why because it comes with the pyramid shape which means it offers the 4 ways. When it comes to the cost of the ramp is inexpensive but it is superior in quality.

Features of the Kryptonics Micro Pyramid Ramp:

Read the below points to learn the 2 greatest features of this scooter ramp,

  • Easy to handle:

Yes, the soft material construction of this ramp allows the user to handle it easily. In addition, it is suitable for all age people. Even, the rubber construction of this ramp provides the steadiness and the textured pattern on the surface prevent you from the slipping.

  • Height:

This ramp is not only less in height but also it is low in weight so you can keep it easily anywhere you want in your home. Moreover, the lower shape of the ramp allows the user for an easy transition.


  • It is suitable for all beginners.


  • The weight is too high.


In summary, buy this scooter ramp and present it to your child. Definitely, they will love it to use.

Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack

Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack

If you want to purchase the 2 ramp set at the lowest rate in the market, then this Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack is the right choice for you. Normally, when comparing to other, it is low in price. To get more benefit, the company offers another one ramp additionally.

Features of the Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack:

The common benefits of this ramp are explained below in detail,

  • Easy assembly:

When it comes to the assembling part of this ramp is quite simple. You can easily fit the components of this ramp within few seconds of time. For that, there is no tools are required to install it. The attractive design comes with the black in color so it is suitable for any indoor and outdoor use.

  • Great quality:

The materials of this ramp are built using the strong materials so it will not damage quickly. Moreover, it is suitable to use in all weather conditions why because the stability is high on this ramp.


  • It is completely weightless.
  • It is best for the price.


  • It does not provide the good manufacturer warranty.


This combo pack is available in online so buy it through online and enjoy more fun with it.

Final Verdict

In the final analysis, choosing the right scooter ramps is not pretty easy so before going to buy the best ramps for you consider the above-mentioned factors. Definitely, it will help you to choose the better quality products for you.

I’m damn sure this article is really helpful for you. However, purchase any one of the above-recommended products and enjoy the quality.